Oh, hey there.

So, um, you may have noticed that I haven't been around in a really, really, really, long time. I haven't made any graphics in a really long time, and I've actually left LiveJournal all together. This was for a lot of personal reasons.

I'm going to leave this account open as long as LJ doesn't close it so that the icons will always be here, but don't expect anything new. I understand if you choose to no longer follow the journal. Take care, and thanks for supporting my graphics!

Love, endstopped



Hooray! It's summer, and I have time and good internet on my hands. Let the uploading begin!

First, a quick phototbucket question, though: you know how you can now "tag" your pics on photobucket? Can you turn that step off in the settings somewhere? It's kind of annoying, even not to tag and to just keep pressing "go back to album" when you've got a lot of icons to upload.

01-64: "30 Rock"
65-78: "30 Rock" quotes: season 3, through 3x14, "The Fun Cooker"


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YAY for 77words's table generator.


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Hi everyone! I totally meant to upload a new batch a few weeks ago, but exams/end of the year stuff have taken over my life. My internet here at school is pretty slow if everyone's on the network, so uploading graphics takes a lot of time. Hopefully during study week next week I'll have some more time to devote to updating. I have TONS of stuff to post! Thanks for understanding!