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PLEASE CREDIT. It is the nice thing to do. I won't hunt you down if you don't, I will just be extremely happy if you do. It also helps other people. If someone see that you're using my icon, and they like the style (I hope!), your giving credit helps them to find the rest of my icons.

DO NOT HOTLINK. It is mean.

If I indicate so, please credit any additional sources. For example, "Shoebox Project" icons: either credit shoebox_project, or both SBP and myself. Do not NOT credit SBP.

Bases, if indicated as such, are free for you to edit on your own. If I provide a source, please credit that source in your resources. If I do not provide a source, the original picture is mine and please credit me in your resources. IF YOU USE A BASE AS AN ICON, please credit the source and me, or just source. Do not NOT credit the source.

Banners/FOs: please credit me either in your User Info or somewhere on your layout. The sources I post with them, if I do, are just for my crediting purposes. Please treat banners/headers like icons and credit me.


1. Right click on the picture
2. Click "Save picture as..."
3. Save it wherever you want, with whatever name. If you're saving it for later, you might want to put "things_imagined" or "girl_hyperness" somewhere in the name so you remember whom to give credit when you do use it.
4. I save my graphics as .png so you might want to do that too.


1. After you've saved your icon, go to PROFILE>>EDIT USERPICS
2. Make sure "From file" is selected
3. Click "Browse", find your icon and open it
4. Enter a key word
5. In "Comments" enter <*lj user=things_imagined*> or <*lj user=girl_hyperness*> (MINUS the asterisks)
6. Click "Proceed"

Here's what it should look like when you're done:

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