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noun: a shifting series or succession of things seen or imagined, as in a dream
things_imagined is the graphics journal of endstopped. Her graphics mainly consist of icons and bases, with an occasional header or "Friends Only" banner. (And, if you are very lucky, maybe a wallpaper.)

She usually makes graphics for her fandoms, which include, but are not limited to, Star Wars, Disney Movies, Harry Potter, The Beatles, The New York Yankees, The New York Giants, figure skating, and Gilmore Girls. If she finds caps from a movie she likes, or photos of an actor or musician she likes, she'll make graphics of that, too. Movies she is generally interested in are anything fairy-tale like, most musicals, chickflicks and dramas. She likes actors and actresses with talent (especially if they are British) and musicians who can write their own music or can really really sing.

She always loves comments and friends. Like her graphics? Add her to your friends!

You can see the rest of her icons, sorted by subject and type, here.

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Constructive criticism is one thing: it aims to help me by offering suggestions for improvement. I love constructive criticism. Bashing is completely different. Please don't say, "Your icons suck!" or "God, I hate that movie." Good grammar and proper spelling are always appreciated.
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